Before I start my writing, I would like to inform you some fact for that Its necessary to think about this, '' Why Shia - Sunni? Read those article for more information

1. Anti-Shiite violence by Sunni extremists has been spreading
2. Identity with Majhab
3. Turkey warns against Shia Sunni Violation

If we just focus on recent world politics, it will be clear in our eyes, its Shia Sunni violation. Let see whats that.

After Arab spring, the fallen of Hosney Mubarak from Egypt government and Ben Ali from Tunishia  impressed all arabs people around middle east and Far east,  Jordan, Kuyet, Katar, Bahrain, Iran, Syria, Lybia, Yemen and also  Saudi Arabia.
Gaddafi led Lybian Government have already fallen by help of NATO. And then most violent three region that attract all civilians in world those are- Yemen, Syria and Bahrain. Readers could be suspect me from this point, why I mixed up Bahrain and Yemen with Syria? Yes, its true, why I did that? Is not Syrian regime is the most violent? If you are daily reader of International Newpaper, you will say, yes it is. But for me, those three countries problem is same.  Now I will go to explain some new facts that would be doubtful for some readers. Let see what are they-

1. If I asked you, whats the reason, for why western world and USA are much concern about Syria?
2. Why Saudi Arabia, Katar and United Arab Emirates speak loudly against Bashar Al Asad?
3. Why World have no concern about Bahrain or Yemen? Why KSA or UAE kept their mouth shut against Bahraini king?
4. Why Pakistan and Saudi Arabia sent soldier to Bahrain to protect kingdom?

The only answer could be for general answer is for Democracy!! If its that like simple, we would be happy. But is it like that? No its not, its because of Shia and Sunni. Bashar is Shia and he crack down on Sunni, so Iran is supporting Bashar and King of Bahrain is Sunni and he killing Shia, So Saudi Arabia and Pakistan  supporting king.

The things draw my attention is

1. Why Iran supporting Syrian Bashar with blind eyes?
2. Why Turkey supporting anti government terrorism in Syria?
3. Why NATO wants to Help Turkey against Syria when they did not do that against Israel?

Let see some other facts

Recent decades after fallen of Turkey Empire and Saudi Kingdom Muslims world become servant of Western. They became slave. Those western masters started to decide what will be Muslims culture or tradition. If we look up Arab countries Government we will get some interesting things. What are they? Let see who ruling Arab and Muslim world

1. Saudi Arabia- Kingdom of Saud
2. Egypt- Hosney Mubaraks Dictatorship
3. Bahrain- Kingdom
4. Katar- Kingdom
5. UAE- Kingdom
6. Turkey- Dictatorship by Army
7. Iran- Kingdom of Shah

Most interesting thing is all kingdoms and dictators are supported by United States of America. Muslims world does not have any problem neither with USA nor with western. But when Shah fall from Iran then problem started.

Western world wants Muslims to follow their culture and forget about the teachings of Muhammad(peace be upon him). They realized that the strength of Muslims is because Quran and their unity. So they started to focus on this matter, that Muslims must be concern about SHIA and SUNNI. In Pakistan, Egypt and other Muslims countries Muslims learn that Shia's are not in right path and they are deviated. On the other hand, Shia's in Iran learn that Sunni's Mollahs are liar. So in a word, in Sunni's view, more than 150 million Muslims are deviated, in contrast, Shia's view, all Sunnis are bluffer!
    My simple question? All Muslims in Shia or Sunni, do they think like that? Answer is No. But our government, or Mullahs or some powerful people who want this conflict between Muslims, they keep this alive. Whats the result?

* Thousands Muslims dieing in Pakistan and Bahrain because they Shia!

* Thousands Muslims dieing in Syria because they Sunni!
I am not a politician, not a business magnet, not a servant of western world. I have a simple question, what is Shia or Sunni? Why Shia Sunni? From my side, I have lot sunni friends and shia friends. Muslims should feel same feelings for both of them. Muslims have the same love for both them. They both have same space in a Muslim heart. Muslim sould not care about Shia, sunni. Muslims dont care about country, body color. The things are important for a muslim, that is-

1. Are you human?
2. Do you believe in one god?
3. Do you love Muhammad(sm)?

If your answer , yes! You the one for whom another Muslim can feel love in heart. We dont want any blood in Pakistan, not a drop blood in Syria. We want peace, for Allah. If you love Muhammad(sm), if you love Abu Bakar, Omar, Usman, Ali or if you love Fatima and her sons Hasan or Hussain, then you cannot kill another muslim for Majhab. Atlast, I want to  I keep a question for readers, WHY SHIA-SUNNI?
Mita Maria

Awesome. May many thanks to writer for this article. I have the same feelings, We must not care about Sunni or Shia. We must not ask anyone, what is your majhab. There is one Majhab, that is you are servant of Allah.


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