The believers lead a disciplined life by Allah’s instructions and under the guidance of the prophet sal. So, their life is completely organized. Every organized life has fixed time for work and rest and for discharging mutual duties. Unlike other religions’ rituals Islam’s rituals have definite and specific rolls. Just after getting faith in the presence and power of Allaah and belief in the day of judgment Islam imposes on them salat, five times a day. This is the first ritual which is ended to regulate Muslims ’whole life. I feel joy when I look at the time table of salat and reflect. Let us see how nicely these are designed.(with all regards to other religions, whose times of rituals are  almost same). This co-incidence is, as I feel is due to their original source being same,the one Creator): After having comfortable sleep we wake up just at day-break and having been refreshed by attending to the natural calls and necessary washings we pray salat, wherein we do the following functions:1) While performing salat we praise Allaah with submissiveness and with grateful heart we mention His greatnes, mercy benevolence and His all- comprehensive Ownership.2)We promise allegiance to His all comprehensive Athority and promise to obey Him in all His commands and humbly seek His help.3) We ardently seek the straight path which shall reach us to our final destination, the jannat.And then we, with all alacrity and politeness submit to Him, placing our forehead to the ground. After finishing salat we engage ourselves to our different duties in the atmosphere of gentle breeze and continue to work without much break till noon as there is no other obligatory ritual. Then under compulsion we leave all works for salat and enjoy the benefit of salat in the form of taking rest for the purpose of perforning salat on time. Due to having the obedient mind we retire from work whatsoever, wash ourselves , perform salat, take lunch and have some rest in compliance with the practice of the prophet sal. By following this practice of the prophet sal, losses due to fatigue, die down and we feel fresh to work further, but not any hard or lengthy work, rather study of the Qur’aan or Hadith or any other literature or any light and less lengthy work as the next consecutive salats are coming one by one at short intervals. Thus join salat in jamaa’at  is regulating all our activities. Our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives are also allowed to join the salat, which are performed in congregation. The prophet sal. instructed the Muslim gents not to forbid our enthusiastic ladies to join salat in jamaa’at(congregation), though, it is not compulsory to them. But, the prophet sal. encouraged the young ladies to occupy rear lines and keep possible remoteness from the gents to avoid shaitan’s instigations. He also said: “The best salat of women is in the inner place of their houses. Salat is keeping us close act with Allaah While we praise Allah, remembering His Mastership, promise for obedience, ask for help and pray for  showing us the right path and beseech earnestly to keep us away from the path of cursed and derailed people. Thus up to mid-day we completely engage ourselves to our respective occupations for earning livelihood, but not encroaching others’ interests. This alertness of others’ rights is also we have in obedience to Allaah. Then , in the second half of the day we remember Allaah through salat at short intervals. Even in salat when we do all the performances with humility we take care not to give any trouble to others. Only the elderly persons are preferred to take front line.why a section of Muslim women are disinclined to accept hijab?

The hidden desire of the women, allergic  to hijab, is nothing but to be attractive to the  opposite sex, to be chatted and to be enjoyed by their company,even if for a short teriod. This hidden desire make them display their sexy organs and limbs, but alas! they are responded  with dreadful  laughter, ugly hugging, negligence and  disregard, resulting in sheer despair;  and no desire fulfilled.This is because, frequency of such crazy- criminal excitements with less opportunity to reach to the goal make the male one less fit for conjugation. So , all these tell  upon the interst of our honourable mother sect. When they are in want of final embrace to have duty of having a progeny they are abandoned with sheer despair.
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Praying means seeking for spiritual help, guidance and to acknowledge God for helping us. For me there is no difference in Islam and Christian when they pray to God. But Islam do it in a more formal way. As a christian we pray just by whispering to our God. But when we are praying we have the same reason, is to have a connection with our God and seeking for some guidance.


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