Is it not the fact that the Creator, as we call Him Allaah, is sufficiently Able to provide with all the necessities of life for the dearest of His creations? Is the Absolute authority unable or is there any shortage in His store to provide the necessities of His best creation-man? Only the atheist would feel despaired in this regard. Is it not a fact that all people of divine religions believe in the absolute power of the Creator? Why then the believers of religions think of family planning for fear of dearth of food? Practically this dual policy or double dealing comes from those who have made religion confined in the church or in the temple and in the masjid (by a good number of Muslims for not having the right knowledge of Islam).Actually Muslims of most countries of the world, remaining under British dominion for about two hundred years forgot their entity and duty. Like other religion- peoples they also have been regarding Islam to be a bunch of rituals. All these people are thinking, after doing these rituals they are free to do anything regarding the worldly affairs. It means religion has nothing to do with practical affairs of life. Such is the affairs of male- female amalgamation, prevailing in society. Thus all the attendant problems are coming. Following the western civilization many Muslim families are also sending their female wards to work with men, outside home. In their idea hijab is an orthodox conception  Like Christians, Jews and Hindoos they have become the advoctes of progressive Islam. Either they do not know or they do not want to know the Hadith: “man ragiba ‘an sunnatee fa- laisa minnee” (Whoever will deviate from my way of life) shown and established by me throughout my twenty three years of prophethood, is not of me.)

Not only Muslims Question the power of the creator, all religions have people who doesn't know how the earth would be if it is so perfect. It should be balance. All of us must see that we have our own way to think, the freedom to know our path we will take. But our faith does affect in some way. It affect our life by simply guiding us for our widom.


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    Sulaiman Farooqui

    Professor Sulaiman farooqui is a famous writer and and translator of many books and articles. He have translated whole version of Tafsir Fee Zilalil Quran


    April 2012