The Holy Qur’aan being the unchanged book of Allaah, it should be studied minutely to get solution of the problems of life whatsoever.The Merciful Creator entrusted man with the responsibility of representation and imbibed in man the quality of love and affection for all creations, especially for the humanity so that they can build up, through mutual understanding,a balanced and peaceful society.

The devil( Iblis),the inimical and rival force, is always on the alert to misguide man and make them disobedient to the Creator and become cursed like him. With this end in view he uses mainly two weapons: (1) arrogance, his most disdainful quality and the (2) desire for eternal life. Other vicious qualities are tributaries of these main sources.

The verse of the Holy Qur’aan (quoted above) regarding hijab says about the duty of men to take care in exchanging materials. Islam builds up a balanced and sublime society .So, let us look carefully at the following:The believers in Allaah and in the day of judgment, being addressed as the believers, are ordered to follow the system of inter-actions. In this regard Allaah swt.directs the believers, saying “O’ believers! don’t enter any house, other than your own house except acquainting yourselves and giving to the dwellers salam(as the greeting manner introduced by Islam). This is good for you. Thus it is expected that you would take lesson. But if you do not get any body (there) then don’t enter there till you are permitted. And if you are asked to go back, so go back. That would be the purer way. And Allaah is Aware of what you are doing.”(33:27-28).Next comes another order:(O’ the prophet), tell the believers, let them cast, a portion of their eyes down and thus protect  their sexes. That would be purer for them. Verily Allaah  is Aware of what they are  doing. And tell the believing women, let them cast a portion of their gazes down and thus protect their sexes. And let not they (intentionally) reveal their beauty, except what reveals (without any intention) and let them cover their bosoms with their wrappers of thick cloth.”(33:30-31).It is explicit that all these orders are for the obedient servants of Allaah, as they are the people who know and believe that Allah’s all orders are for their benefit and therefore, always they keep on waiting with open heart, for any further order.It is worth- mentioning that in such a society as this, looking intentionally with full gaze, at the women is not expected, because the believers know and  believe in Allah’s words: “wa- ya’lamu khaa-‘inatal ‘a’yuni -wa-maa tukhfis-sudoor (and he knows the treacherous eyes and also he knows about that what the chests are hiding ). Thus the believers sincerely obey Allaah in all His commands to get the reward in th day of judgment.By this time the believers were already instructed and taught by the prophet sal. the necessity of covering the whole body, by the women excepting hands, up to the wrists, mouth and feet up to the ankles and, for men, from navel to the ankles; and an extra wrapper to be worn by the women on their chests (as already described above in the first quotation of soorah an-noor v.30).Of course these orders are in vogue and are obeyed with adherence in Islamic societies. But another order came for a society, amalgamated by the Muslim, non –Muslim and other divergent people, who all are not adherent to the orders given hitherto, as saying:–yaa‘ayyuhan-nabiyyu, qul li- azwaajika, wa banaatika wa – nisaa’il mu’mineena yudneena’alai-hinna min jalaabee-bi-hinna; zaalika adnaa ‘an yu’rafna, fa-laa yu’zaina”[.(O’ the prophet, tell your wives, your daughters and the believers’ wives, put on a wrapper of thick cloth, over-head, dragging these close to them. that would be nearer of their being known(as the chaste women) and then they would not be teased or disturbed. It is proved by hadith, after the revelation of this verse women, when going out started covering themselves in such a way that their one eye remained open (as in Madina there were some munafiq people, some mushrik people (polytheists) and some Jews. They would tease the women. When asked they said: “we thought them to be slave girls”. So, by veiling themselves the good women remained safe from these troubles. This instance proved that, though no direct order came to cover face, but for the sake of safety, later on, most of the chaste Muslim women would always be covering themselves, including face.The question of covering face remained always undecided, rather it can be said, it is not like a water-tight compartment, it varies from person to person and environment to environment and age to age.In almost all countries many of the women have been covering their faces with the feeling of keeping themselves safe from the greedy looks. Regarding the practice of the Muslim women during the lifetime of the prophet (sal), as mentioned above, rasoolullaah sal. kept silent. His silence left for the ummah a great deal of broadness of thoughts as revealed from the following Qur’aanic verses, which alleviate the difficulties and ease all hardships in social relation and behaviours.“O’ believers! Permission for entrance should be taken from you by those who are under you and by those who have not yet attained puberty, three times: before Fajr prayer, when you become relaxed (not having  necessary coverings) at noon (after lunch) and after ‘isha  salat(night’s last salat, when you relax, retire for sleep and become careless of dress).These are the three private times.(Beyond these hours) there is no harm in the movement of yours and theirs. You all are free in the movement to one another. This way allaah swt is delineating for you His verses clearly; and Allaah is well-Aware and Wise.Next, when your children attain puberty they should seek permission like those about whose behaviour has already been described above. This way Allaah swt. is clearly describing His verses to you. And Aallaah is sufficiently knowledgeable and Wise. And the aged of your women who are not having the desire for (further) marriage, so there is no harm for them if they put off their (additional) garments(as wrapped for covering bosoms), without the intention of revealing their beauty. But it is better for them if they be modest in covering themselves. And Allaah is the Hearer, the Wise.”(24:58).There are reasonable relaxations for the differently abled persons, who(as the Almighty Allaah knows), neither have, such inclination nor such ability as to be vindictive, as mentioned in the following:There is no restriction on the part of the blind or on the lame or on the sick or upon yourselves to eat from your houses or from your father’s houses or from your mother’s houses or from your brothers’ houses or from your sisters’ houses or from your paternal uncles’ houses or from your paternal aunties’ houses or your maternal uncles’ houses or from your maternal aunties’ houses or from those who are subservient to you or from your true friend. There is no harm upon you to eat together or separately. So,when entering the houses you pronounce salaam(greeting on your ownselves, as a blessing from Allaah, manifold increase with complete purity “–(24:-61).In the above verses there are some subtle points which need deep attention. Concession regarding subservient persons and regarding differently disabled persons is understandable, because physically and mentally they are so weak that seldom they have got any sensual feelings. Next comes special position of the true friend, not friends; as true and trustworthy friend cannot be so many. It is in the knowledge of Allah that this one Allaah-fearing noble friend is worthy to be trusted and he is expected to be so honest as to keep control over his eyes, and also in the presence of his cordial friend in such Alla ah-fearing environment as founded by the prophet sal. With modest dress (covering full body except face, hands and feet) praying salat behind the Muslim brothers is always permissible, as permissible in the house of Allaah(baitullaah) while performing Hajj, in the field of Arafat and in the prophet’s masjid (masjidun-nabavi). It is noteworthy that Islam has not imposed injunctions for only as unreasonable rituals or functions, rather whatever rigidity or flexibility is there that is on reasonable purpose and for making life easy and sublime. So, there is no orthodox stiffness. Restrictions are to the extent of ensuring chastity and trust between the husband and the wife. Nobody can deny that women are the human-manufacturing factory. So purposefully they are created more emotional than being reasonable. By arousing emotion, comparatively, they can be used easily. So, they should be kept controlled and regulated under tender care of father or husband. But where there is no fear of encroachment or misbehavior, automatically concessions come. Unwise misinterpretation and restrictions, other than Qur’aanic impositions make people flee from Islam.The women have to remain under the guardianship of father or, after marriage, under husband.Even if they lose husbands any way, they should get married if their age or health  condition is attractive and may entice the males’ gazes. This marriage would be shield for them. Regarding marriage the prophet sal. emphasised on taqwa or fear of Allaah. In the presence of taqwa all other shortcomings will be improved or recovered by the grace of Almighty Allaah, as He said:Wa-man yattaqillaaha yaj-’yal- lahoo makhrajan wa- yarzuqhu-min- haithu laa- yahtasib.wa- man yatawakkal ‘alallaahi -fa-hua hasbuhu.innallaaha baaligu ‘amrihi, qad- ja’alallaahu- likulli-shai-in qadraa 65:2-3..(who fears Allaah, He shall  make some way-out for him. And he would manage provisions for him from such a place which he cannot guess. And whosoever will trust upon Allaah, He is enough for him. Verily Allaah has to reach to the destination. Surely Allaah has made a fixed time and destination for every thing. But in absence of taqwa all other things will be of no avail. The believers believe that Alaah swt.does not fail to respect His promise).The system given by the Merciful Allaah, is quite compatible to the need and temperament of human beings. so, any change or deviation from that system is very likely to bring re-action. The knowledgeable and sensible people of the world must admit the fact that most of the non Muslim nations are the victims of this reaction and the mother sect are the worst sufferers of this reaction. It is such an explicit fact which needs no clarification. Allaah swt. is the One and the only Creator. He is the unique, the Absolute, the Eternal, no beginning and no end of Him. Neither dozing due to tiredness, nor sleep, due to total exhaustion He has. He is the power, prevailing through everything we see and do not see .The conspicuous mark of creation is that all they are dual(negative and positive) in entity and practice: high-low, up-down, bad-good, black-white, man-woman; whatever and wherever we look at, we find the same truth prevailing everywhere .Similar is the system in living- practice. The self-designed wise people also believe division of works brings best results.The expansion of humans is going on through the inter-action of men and women, having different organs and limbs ,temperament and taste, ability and sense of responsibility, emotion and reasonableness. But the secular or the atheist erudite, in the name of freedom, brought our delicate mother-sect out from their hearth and homes and made them concubines, taking no responsibility nor any co-operation in the days of adversities. I am sure, the conscientious people will agree with me in this regard .Like all animate and inanimate things abstracts have also twofold qualities, as ups and downs. For creations’ growth, while conjugation, like all other animals man up and woman down; man fecundates, woman conceives; putting semens and holding in the opposite sexes’wombs after an essential orgasm by man. Can all these be done by both the sects equally? Let us reflect. Think again, can the farmer or the sower and the land become equal? Can the child-bearing troubles and the pangs of the labour-pains and the painstaking yearnings of the child-birth be shared or borne by both the sects equally? I appeal to the think-tanks to consider all these reasons and then decide, whether, for the restoration of the world- order dual roll is important or not? Furthermore I appeal to the social reformers, who are the advocates of equality and freedom of women to take part in all affairs of life, to accede the necessity of women’s separate entity at home to undergo the delicate duty entrusted to them. For smooth running of their function they cannot be amalgamated as amalgamation is not possible between water and fire, soil and air, material existence and abstract qualities.All these are understandable to those who want to use their good sense and are ready to surrender to the truth when it reveals to them. But, the people who are in their vanity to be self sufficient, will neither look at rationally nor are they inclined to get the taste of truth.
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its such a pleasure to know that Islam is so flexible...the things which are better for us in all ways are blessed in hijab..its medically proven that hijab is good for our hair, brain and skin's health...and wearing that is counted as a blessing in Islam..its amazing..<3

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As a christian, and knowing the facts about Holy Qur'aan I can say that its similarities in Holy Bible is that it exist only one God who created the heaven and earth. We have differences in our beliefs but one thing to be the same is that we must have faith in our God and always have trust in him.


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